Practice Facility

Manhattan Country Club is the perfect place to sharpen your game.  In addition to PGA instruction, the Club provides its Membership with a practice green, chipping area, and a full driving range. 

MCC Driving Range FAQs

Why do we have to hit off the mats so much?

  • Due to the size of the tee and the amount of traffic in the summer, it is necessary to have a grass that grows actively and spreads in the heat, such as the Zoysia we have or Bermuda grass. These grasses do not actively grow until the night temperatures are consistently in the 60s and 70s, so it takes them a while to come out of dormancy. A cool season grass like we have in our fairways grows best when the night temperatures are in the 40s and 50s and will not germinate from seed in the heat of the summer. With a range tee the size of the one we have, trying to use a cool season grass would leave the tee bare by the middle of June. Any divots taken out of the dormant Zoysia will not fill in or grow until the weather conditions are favorable, so we use the mats in the spring and fall to preserve the tee for the part of the season when the most members actively use the facilities. MCC has invested in excellent quality range mats which simulate the feel of hitting off turf as much as possible so that your practice experience is as realistic as it can be when the grass tee is not in use.

Why is the range set up on the mats on Mondays?

  • The superintendent wants to use the mats on Mondays so that the entire tee has one day a week to grow and heal the divots so that the range tee will be in good condition for as long as possible. We ask that you keep shots you hit off the ground on the mats on Mondays or any time that the superintendent directs us to the use the mats. You are welcome to hit drivers off a tee in the grass area as this should not damage the turf.

Why are the mats crooked on the concrete pad?

  • The concrete pad is aligned to the rocky area on the right side of the range. When the mats are aligned with the concrete pad, we lose balls to the area on the right that the range picker cannot access. Balls that land in those areas must be shagged by hand, which takes a great deal of staff time and can only be done during hours that the range is not open for the safety of the staff. The mats should be aligned to the 150 yard markers so that people who stand square on the mats will hit their shots into the middle of the range.

Why does the range close at 5pm on Sunday?

  • The grounds crew mows the areas surrounding the range on Monday mornings when the golf course is closed to minimize the disruption to members. As mentioned earlier, there are some areas that cannot be reached with the range picker. The hill beneath and to the sides of the range tee, the areas just off the edge of the range, and around the yardage markers all must be picked by hand and can only be done safely when the range tee is closed. In addition, the balls in long grass are very difficult to see when the light is dusky. We close the range tee at 5pm so that out service staff can clear the areas of the range and prepare it for mowing on Monday morning. The chipping/pitching green and practice putting green remain open until dusk, so there are always areas to practice available to our members.

Why is the chipping/pitching green so bumpy?

  • From the ball marks that occur when lofted shots are hit into the green. A long-handled divot repair tool is provided on the range so that members may repair any ball marks they make without having to bend over. Place the tool over the pitch mark, press down, and the tool will close the mark for you. Please repair as many ball marks as you make (example: if you hit twenty lofted wedges, please try to repair twenty marks) but you do not have to shag the balls you hit.

Is there any rule of etiquette to be aware of on the range?

  • Follow general safety guidelines on the range tee – do not approach golfers from behind, do not hit in front of the set range line. Make sure you do not disturb others who are practicing. On the pitching/chipping green, it would be bad manners to walk onto the green to putt or chip in front of someone else who is already there hitting wedge shots onto the green – in general, observe what others are doing and find a place that will be out of their range for safety reasons.

What does is cost to use the range?

  • There are family ($175) and single ($120) range plans which include unlimited use of the range facilities. If you elect not to participate in the range plans, there is a daily use fee of $7 plus tax. Please alert the Golf Shop staff when you intend to use the range so that we may bill you appropriately. The practice green is always available at no charge.

Can guests use the range?

  • Yes! If you bring a guest to play golf, range use is included in the guest fee. If you have guests in town who just want to come and hit balls, the $7 daily fee applies. Guests may hit as many balls as they like and stay as long as they like.

What are the range hours?

  • The range is open approximately ½ hour before the first tee time in the morning.